Wedding Plans

Exciting Commitments

Why Not Now?

I have always been a person who liked to procrastinate. It seemed so much easier to put things off instead of take care of them right then. I realized that life is a lot harder when you procrastinate. That is why I have recently started trying to tackle everything that I had been putting off.

One of the goals that I said I was going to accomplish, but I never got around to it was recycling. I always said that I would start recycling, so I figured the best time to start would be now. I have also purchased some silica sand, which is something else I have been putting off.

Additionally, I have organized my closet. Being organized has made life a lot easier. That is why I am glad I stopped procrastinated and finally started working on my projects.

Carbon Mess!

I use carbon paper in my home all the time since my husband has his own business. It works great with the duplicate pads. I had an old pad that was not being used and my son, who is three, got a hold of it. He is quite the little artist and loves to draw. He had seen me use the paper a time or two and even tried it on a pad once. His creative side hit a high mark when he decided to use it to create wall art. He took his coloring book and traced the image on his book on the wall. He had the carbon sheet between the two! I had carbon potos everywhere. I have since moved to carbon-less pads. Boy did it take me a long time to clean up that little art project my son came up with.